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Business Cards

Stock:   93 lb PhoeniXmotion Xenon, Bright White (Cover)
Prints:   2/1 Spot color
            Pantone 425, Pantone 645
            + Flood Dull Varnish on back
Bleeds:  All sides
Size:     Trim - 3.5 in. x 2 in.

Please make sure all numerals are .5pt smaller then the other text.

Center text block vertically and align it flush right to 2" left margin.
Center Shield vertically and on a .5" right margin

Font Specifications:
Name:      Grey 7pt. Trade Gothic Bold No. 2 Title Case, U/lc, Kern 60, Leading 8.4
Title:        Grey 6pt. Trade Gothic Light Italic Title Case, U/lc, Kern 20, Leading 7.2
Address:   Grey 7pt. Trade Gothic Light

All numbers are 6.5pt Title Case, U/lc, Kern 60, Leading 7.8

Back Side:
Center Signature vertically and horizontally on card.

White 6pt. Trade Gothic Light All Caps, Kern 140
Bottom margin .1"