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What is a Brand?
A brand is the essence of the firm that is communicated to the public. It represents what the firm does and/or stands for. A cornerstone of any brand is the firm's logo, which is shown on many applications: stationery, proposals, brochures, business cards, web sites, print ads and television commercials.

Extending from the logo itself are other aspects of the firm's brand such as colors, type fonts, and slogan. In the context of a company's marketing efforts, all these components work together to underscore marketing.

Why is it Important?
We live in a media-dominated, image-saturated world, where consumers have to sort through thousands of images everyday in order to make both little and big decisions. Having a well-designed brand that is consistenly used makes it easier for our clients and potential clients to sort through the clutter and remember our name and what we stand for.

This Brand Guide shows how you can do your part to present and protect the Baron & Budd brand. Consider it your friendly, how-to instruction manual for adding graphics to any communication that carries our name. By following these recommendations, you'll help make sure not a single marketing effort is wasted and that every single one counts.