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Our Name

Far more than our Logo, the Baron & Budd name itself, as it appears typed in the text of countless letters and court documents, is actually the most common way in which others encounter us in the visual environment. So defining here its best presentation is an important step in protecting our brand.

Generally speaking, the proper and legal form of our name is:

Baron & Budd, P.C.

As a rule, this is the way our name should appear in all emails, letters, faxes, forms and legal documents, at least in its first use. After that or where the name appears repeatedly, it is acceptable to use the simpler form:

Baron & Budd

This shortened version is also acceptable for communications that are strictly internal. The abbreviation, B&B, is inappropriate for all but the most informal of internal communications.

At no time should the word "and" be substituted for the ampersand (&).