Did you know there's a big ol' pile of money in Austin, and it's yours !

You see, some politicians are holding your tax dollars ransom. The money has already been collected and it's sitting in a surplus in Austin. On top of that, these same politicians want to start up a whole new business tax to raise even more money, instead of using what they've already collected from Texas taxpayers.

Do you realize that if the legislature had used these over-collected taxes over the past 15 years, we wouldn't even need a state Property Tax! We could get rid of a tax altogether, and here they are asking for a new one.

No wonder more and more Texans are coming to the logical conclusion ~ Use the surplus and please don't tax Texas again!

Using Surplus for Property Tax Relief with No New Taxes Produces Meaningful Tax Relief for Texas Families
On April 17, 2006, the Comptroller estimated that the surplus is a whopping $8.2 billion , thanks largely to overpayment of sales taxes by Texas taxpayers.   Allowing for new spending the state has already committed to, we can still use $6.86 billion of the surplus to buy down property taxes without creating any new taxes .   Doing this, you would save:

Home Value

'06 School Property Tax

'07 After Tax Cut

Your Savings









By only using $6.86 billion of the $8.2 billion surplus to cut property taxes, the state still has the funds it needs to cover new spending items that have not been paid for, which are:

Hurricane Rita Relief: $500 M
School Textbooks: $295 M
Medicare Expenses Transferred to State by Congress: $444 M
Nursing Home Reimbursements and Health and Human Services Cost Overruns: $100 M

Total New Spending Not Paid For:   $1.34 billion
$8.2 billion – 1.34 billion = $6.86 billion available for property tax cuts

Source: Based on calculations by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texas Tax Reform Commission, and the Austin American-Statesman

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